NEW WATERS following agreement with Stone Private members can now fish Wilds Top & Farm Pools

Next meeting Thursday August  2nd at George & Dragon 7.30pm

 Membership fees are as set below. In order to encourage more juniors into fishing agreed that all under 14's would be free as long as they registered. It was also agreed after much discussion to set a special rate of £10.00 for those aged 14 this would enable them to Jono's Pool and the canal unsupervised on completion of a consent form. Any members who have not renewed will be deemed to have expired and their places will be offered to new members. There are currently less than a handful of memberships now available for this current year.
The excellent fishing to be had on club waters has been highlighted by  match results a 99lb catch on Jono's Pool, 28lb & 49lb catches on the Trent Mersey canal at Whitebridge and 20lb plus on the Trent at Great Haywood,

There is an agreement in principle for the Club and SDAS to have a 5 year extended lease of the R. Trent in StoneCar parking R.Trent on Hoo mill lane agreement has been made with Creda Angling Club for our members to use their car park, go under the railway bridge, over the canal bridge & immediately facing you is a field with Creda AA notice park responsibly avoid in very wet weather.

The Club has now had the Willows fishery for over 20 years so just to say many thanks to Tim Evans and family for their support and help in developing the fishery over the time. 

 After a few years without one it is good to see fishing bait and tackle on sale once again in Stone, run by Alan Povey it is situated within the Car Care shop just off Crown St, next to the Market Square help support your local business.

Membership and Reports

Junior Events the club will be hosting three more Junior Events over the summer detailed below
 Tuesday July 17th Junior coaching event to be held on the canal at Whitebridge 5.30 pm until 8.00pm access via Newcastle Road  opposite esso petrol station.
 Friday August 10th coaching and Junior competition event at Jono's Pool The Willows from 10.00am until 1.00pm.
 Friday August  24th coaching and junior competition @ Jono's Pool The Willows 10.00 qm until 1.00pm.
These events are open to all Junior Club members under 16 years of age you must register prior to event tackle can be arranged.
Also if any members can assist on those days it would be appreciated. Contact person kim Jones 07982162816 or e-mail [email protected]

Family Fishing day June 10th this was held as part of Stone Festival and was an enjoyable day with great weather, very good fishing and 24 participants 16 of which were youngsters. Many thanks to Paul Howard & Dave Boon who gave their day to help out with the programme.

Membership for Bibby's Angling Club runs from October 31st to November 1st, fees are as follows £50 adult, £35 concession, £25 intermediate 15-17 , children under 14 free accompanied by an adult. New members are now welcome to join this November. If interested please use the contact form on this website. Stone & District tickets canal only are available at £10.00 no concessions  for the year, this is free to all under 16's but they must register as members. 

The river season opened with some brilliant weights being recorded on the river trent chub to 4lb, good roach dace, perch lots of grayling and the occasional barbel. Give it a try I guess there won't be many better river  weights recorded in the country. Steve Askey also fished the Blythe and a good catch of roach and dace. The very hot weather resulting in low clear conditions has affected sport but there are good fish to be caught in the streamier runs especilly the weir. Fishing reports June with the warm settled weather there has been excellent sport both on the pools and the canal with the river season now on the horizon.  There have been a number of 50lb plus bags of carp on the middle pool and very good mixed bags in excess of 30lb on Jono's Pool.  The canal also producing some very good bags from below the flushes and around the moorings. Bream nets over 20lb being caught especially early morning roach, perch and skimmers showing on most swims.  This was emphasised with good match weights being recorded in particular the showing of quality roach all along the length.The road bridge and turning circles at Westbridge and Whitebridge will also provide double figure mixed bags .

Predator fishing there is very good pike and perch fishing to be had on the canal drop shotting accounting for pe rch to 3lb on the  whilst spinning has taken pike to 20lb from the canal in Stone.

The Jobling Challenge at Old Hough saw a good turnout fishing in hot clear conditions although not producing the weights of previous years decent sport was enjoyed by everyone Jon Bates topped the weights with just under 40lb of small carp beating his nemesis Rich Pedlar into second place. Paul Dawson was the best of a string of 20lb plus weights.
1. Jon Bates          38-12-0
2. Rich Pedlar       32-4-0
3. Paul Dawson    29-12-0 

F antastic fishing on the Trent at Great Haywood June 17th although only 5 attended there were 4 weights over 15lb with fish showing all along Kim Jones had 14 graying in his catch of over 30lb 2 chub for 7-8-0 and a great mixed bag of 25lb. Fishing above the weir for the first time John Bates initially struggled but then put a very good 22lb on the scales, john Tonkinson had a mainly chub net from peg 1 for 17-12-0. this from a river early in the season low and clear!!!
1. kim Jones          32-8-0
2. John Bates         22-0-0
3. John Tonkinson 17-12-0

Chairmans Cup June 10th a good turn out made the trek up the M6 towards Warrington to fish the renowned Partridge lakes although their were some good catches generally fishing was very patchy. Jon Bates led the way  with a very good 47lb plus whilst Mark Wilton pipped John Tonkinson for runners up spot.
1. John Bates         47-2-0
2. Mark Wilton       37-14-0
3. John Tonkinson 37-2-0

Committe Cup June 3rd The annual silver fish match was fished in glorious sunshine however this was not matched by the fishing Kim Jones led the way with a catch of small roach and rudd edging out John Tonkinson, Norman Hughes had the best of the rest. Whilst the silver fish did not show carp & F1's provided good entertainment. Norman having 25, kim Jones 11, Jon Bates 8.
1. Kim jones               8-0-0
2. John Tonkison       7-6-0
3. Norman Hughes   4-10-0

Sweepstake Jono's pool 13th May Mark Wilton weighed in a very good 45-6-0 from peg 12 finishing well ahead of Norman Hughes in second place with 20lb plus Jon Bates led a string of good double weights.
1. Mark Wilton              45-6-0
2. Norman Hughes       23-8-0
3. Jon Bates                    19-6-0

S.Unitt Challenge May 6th new member Ian Strangroom made his presence felt with an excellent 47lb plus of carp from peg 24 on the middle pool. Norman Hughes also had a 40lb plus weight Jon Bates having the best of weights over 30lb very good days sport for all participants.
1. Ian Strangroom        47-14-0
2. Norman Hughes       43-7-0
3. Jon Bates                    33-14-0

April 22nd 1st round of the S.Unitt challenge saw another outstanding performance by the in form Rich Pedlar drawing unfancied peg 14 caught over 50lb of fish mainly carp and F1's up to 4lb. Norm Hughes in 2nd place managed 28lb plus including 2 common carp weighing in around the 20lb mark, John Bates took third place with a nice mixed bag. Jono's pool produced good all round sport with the lowest recorded weight just under 10lb.
1. Rich Pedlar           50-11-0
2. Norman Hughes  28-8-0
3. John Bates            20-2-0

April 15th The first round of the Presidents Cup produced some excellent on the canal at Stone with the lowest recorded weight being 4lb plus. Leading the way with a blockbusting 28lb plus net of skimmers and bream to 3lb was Rich Pedlar, following in 2nd place with a very good mixed bag was John Bates who included a 1-8-0 roach in his catch. In a peg to peg battle for third place Norm Hughes pipped Kim Jones by 4oz. It was good to see quality roach showing on most pegs.
1. Rich Pedlar   28-5-0
2. John Bates    14-12-0
3. Norm Hughes 8-4-0

April 8th Sports & Social Rd2 milder more settled weather made for a good turn out and match on Jono's pool with decent weights being recorded. John Bates continued his winning run leading the way with a 20lb plus net from peg 6, edging out John Tonkinson(peg12) who had a couple of 3lb barbel. Rich Pedlar did well to land a double figure carp but fell 2 oz short of second place. Kane Barber played a carp estimated around the 20lb carp for 30 minutes before eventually losing it.
1. John Bates           21-5-0    
2. John Tonkinson  19-11-0
3.Rich Pedlar            19-9-0

March 25th Sports & Social Rd 1 This match was a two horse race between John Bates & Dave Mason both pegged at the bottom end of the pool with John beating Dave into second place weights then fell away with Kane Barber recording the only other double figure weight. However the weather and water temperature were both very cold.
1. John Bates             17-10-0 (peg27)
2. Dave Mason          15-4-0   (peg30)
3. Kane Barber          10-7-0   (peg 33)

Feb11th D.Brown Rd 3 on Jono's pool provided some decent sport during a rare mild spell. Kim Jones sitting it out for quality fish landed 4 for 11lb including a perch in excess of 2-8-0. John Bates and Rich Pedlar both managed to find the silver fish with Rich edging John out coutesy of a bonus carp.
1.Kim Jones      11-0-0
2. Rich Pedlar   8-2-0
3. John Bates    7-10-0

Jan 28th rearranged match on the Blythe provided for some decent sport with everyone catching and weighing in, once again the upstream section produced the best catches. Leading the way was Mark Wilton with a chub catch of 12lb comprising of fish to 2lb, Dave Mason finished a good second with 8lb of chub and trout.
1. Mark Wilton     12-0-0
2.Dave Mason        8-0-0
3. Kim Jones           4-10-0

Forthcoming matches ​ The popular Thursday evening sweepstakes on the canal start once again with the first match on June 14th everyone welcome.
Wed        july   11th Jono's Pool over 60's charity match 8.00am draw
Sun          July    15th Pairs match middle pool 8.00am 
Sunday   July 29th Canal @ Westbridge Park draw 6.00am
Sunday   Aug 12th Middle Pool    8.00am
Sunday   Aug  19th  Old Hough   meet venue or Lamb inn car park 7.15
Sun          Aug 26th  Jono's Pool  8.00am

For general enquiries please contact Kim Jones on [email protected]  or mob 07982162816